Speaking Skills Course – SELF STUDY (NO TEACHER)

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Course Language: English
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Speaking Skills Course - SELF STUDY (NO TEACHER)

About this course

Speaking Skills Course - Self Study Online English is on speaking English and oral communication skills!

(This is NOT an English grammar course) 


Speaking Skills Course is a self study online English course designed to improve your English conversation and speaking skills. This is NOT an English grammar course. Practice is required for success in speaking English.  You must be motivated for a self study online English course.

Our Speaking Skills Course is different than the traditional methods.  This self study online English course uses exercises, activities, and tests.

Learning English requires practice in using it in the real world. Speaking English requires an action, not just a theory. You can read a book on basketball and learn about the sport. But until you practice playing the game, you will not be successful.  Our Speaking Skills Course will teach you and provide practice.

We can build your confidence and improve your English speaking skills. 

Speaking Skills Course - Self Study Online English includes 10 lessons and is 20 total hours.  There is no time limit.  You decide when and how fast.  2 hours a week will take about 2.5 months.  5 hours a week will take about 1 month. 



 100%  Self- Study  Online English


Speaking Skills Course - Self Study Online English


Unit 1 - Introduction to improving your English speaking skills.  The focus is on speaking English skillsThe first unit will introduce you to new ways to focus on speaking skills.  Speaking English is the most difficult skill to learn and practice. You can read English books to improve your reading skills. You can listen to English music to improve your listening skills. You can write in English to improve your writing skills. However, if you want to improve your speaking, you must interact and speak.

Unit 2 - Speaking with Confidence - Learn easy and effective ways to improve your confidence.  Many students will learn English but still have communication problems. Having the knowledge is different than being able to use it. English is not just a theory. Speaking English requires an action. Knowledge of English grammar is not enough.  You need to also relax and be confident when you speak English.

Unit 3 - Kevin's English Speaking Rules - I listen to my students and try to help them with their English speaking problems. Many ESL students have the same problems when speaking English.  During years of traveling, many people say that I am easy to understand. I thought about what do I do when speaking English. As I started sharing my English speaking skills, the results were amazing. If you practice these rules, your English speaking skills will improve and you will build confidence. The rules are very easy and effective. 

Unit 4 - Syllables and Word Stress  - The listener must understand the words to communicate even if  the grammar is good. Pronunciation is the making of different sounds to form words.  To be clearly understood, your grammar does not need to be perfect but good pronunciation is required in speaking English.   Many students know the grammar rules but have pronunciation problems.

Unit 5 - Vowel Pronunciation - Good speaking requires good pronunciation.  Some languages have one letter for every sound. Unfortunately, English is not one of these languages. The 5 English vowels have over 20 sounds. 

Unit 6 - Consonants Pronunciation - Good speaking requires good pronunciation. Pronunciation rules are used but exceptions can be a problem.

Unit 7- Natural Speaking Tone -  Listening to a monotone voice is difficult to understand. Monotone English speaking is a very common problem even for advanced levels. Students are often surprised to hear their speaking quickly improve after this intonation lesson. 

Unit 8 - Natural English Rhythm - Learn the beat and rhythm of the English language. You must use stress when speaking English for others to clearly understand you. English is a stress-timed language.  Speaking natural like a native speaker is very difficult.  This lesson will show you how to speak more natural and will have incredible results.   

Unit 9 - Listening and Understanding English -  "To listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation.” - Chinese proverb

Unit 10 - Using ALL the Skills - You will learn new ways to improve your English speaking skills.  Using all of these skills together will improve your English speaking skills.  For the best results, you must practice and use all of these.  

At the end of the Speaking Skills Course - Self Study Online English course is a final test.  A certificate will be awarded if the final test is passed with a minimum of 70%. 

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