Slang Words

Slang words are casual informal words that are normally not officially recognized words. These words can be difficult for ESL speakers especially when you cannot find them in a dictionary. Unfortunately, native speakers will often use them and new slang words are constantly added to the list. Like idioms, you will hear slang in many movies and television shows. You do not need to use slang but it is good to know the popular ones when you do hear them. This is a list of some common slang and the list always grows.

airhead – stupid person
awesome – great and impressive
bail – to leave
ballistic – to go mad with rage
biggie – something important
biker – a motorcycle rider
brew (1) – tea or coffee
brew (2) – beer
bull – lie
chicken – coward
cool – excellent; superb
couch potato – a person who watches too much television
cranky – in a bad mood, angry
crash – To go to sleep; show up without invitation
eyeball – to stare long and hard at someone or something
face-off – confrontation
five finger discount – shoplifting
flaky – unpredictable
flashback – sudden memory
Freebie – something that does not cost money
get it – to understand something
go bananas – go slightly mad
goof off – waste time
goof up – make a mistake
goofy – silly
hang out – To get together for a casual informal meet without any plans
headcase – mad
hot (1) – sexy.
hot (2) – popular.
hyper- overly excited.
I.D. – identification.
jerk – stupid or annoying person
jock – someone good at sports
kick back – relax and enjoy
knock – condemn, criticize
knockout – beautiful woman; handsome man
loser – a bungling and worthless person
nut (1) – odd or crazy person.
nut (2) – someone passionate about something.
party animal – someone that loves parties.
peanuts – very little money.
pissed (off) – angry; upset.
psycho – crazy person.
pumped (up) – excited.
rip off (1) – stealing.
rip off (2) – fraud.
screw up – to make a mistake.
screw-up – a person who makes a mistake.
split – to leave.
suck – to be bad and unacceptable.
uptight – nervous; anxious.
veg out – relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
Wrap (something) up – to finish or complete something


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