How to Practice English Speaking

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How to Practice English Speaking

How to improve English speaking skills?

You can learn how to improve English speaking skills, but you must first know how to practice English speaking. You probably spent a lot of time on learning grammar and other English skills. However, you need to also spend time on English speaking skills. Speaking practice is required for success in oral English communication.

The most difficult skill to learn and practice is English speaking. You can read English books to improve your reading skills, and you can listen to English music to improve your listening skills. Also, you can write in English to improve your writing skills. However, if you want to improve English speaking skills, you must practice and interact.  Listening and repeating the sounds of native speakers is the best oral English practice. Therefore, several methods can be used to practice English speaking.


What is the best way to practice English speaking?

If you want to know how to practice English Speaking, then ….

  • You must be motivated to practice
  • You must do the physical action of speaking and not just memorize English rules
  • Use your English skills when practicing



International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature (IJSELL) Volume 2, Issue 6,

June2014, PP 22-30 Samira Al Hosni TEFL Supervisor and Instructor Ministry of Education. Oman

“The teachers think that teaching grammar and vocabulary items is enough to help students in speaking.―We teach the vocabulary, grammar, but they don’t study at home . It seems that teachers are unaware that studying vocabulary items and grammar rules by students is not enough for improving students’ speaking skill. Actually, teachers are not aware enough that focusing on teaching the form does not necessarily result in using it, and that’s why students need to be engaged in communication—in order to improve their speaking skill.” (IJSELL,)


Research says ….

Lecture (see / hear) 5%
Reading 10%
Audio / Visual Aids 20%
Demonstration 30%
Discussion 50%
Practice 75%
Teaching others 90%
Real World situations 95%


Research shows we learn more from real situations (95%) than lectures (5%). Learning from real situations is easier, faster, and more effective. Notice the best 4 methods are: use in real situations, teaching, practice, and discussions. Learning English is NO EXCEPTION! The best way to improve English speaking is to use it in real situations and practice. We are here to give you effective tools to do this.


International Education Journal, 2005, 6(5), 567-580. ISSN 1443-1475 © 2005 Shannon Research Press. Erlenawati Sawir Education Faculty, Monash University, Australia

“In the typical school lessons on English, teachers explained the grammatical rules, students did the exercises set out in the text books, and classroom interactions were largely one-way. Oral communication skills such as speaking and listening were almost totally ignored. Students rarely had the chance to use English in conversation in the classroom, and were under no pressure to become competent in this.” (International Education Journal)


Our Web Active English method uses exercises, activities, games, and interactive English practice when teaching English. By learning how to practice using real situations, students improve faster and learning English is more exciting. Speaking requires practice.

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