English Speaking Solutions

English Speaking Solutions

Have you studied English but still have a problem speaking?

Many students will learn English for years but will still have English speaking problems. When speaking, good grammar can be useless if your English speaking is not clear and understood by the listener.

It seems that teachers are unaware that studying vocabulary items and grammar rules by students is not enough for improving students’ speaking skill. Actually, teachers are not aware enough that focusing on teaching the form does not necessarily result in using it, and that’s why students need to be engaged in communication—in order to improve their speaking skill.” (International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature, 2014)

Verbal English Speaking skills get the least attention. Teachers know the importance of speaking skills, and most students agree that English speaking problems should be a priority.

English fluency is more than studying grammar. Fluent oral English requires using English speaking skills and a focus on verbal English conversation.

If you want to improve your English speaking, memorizing grammar lessons or attending English classes is not enough.  Situations will be different, and making unique conversations is necessary in the real world.

What if you had the English speaking solutions for your English speaking problems?

Can you improve your English speaking skills? 

English speaking skills should be taught using natural exercises and real-life communication practice. Students should practice English skills that will be useful to them in their real lives.

Speak English with Confidence

62% of the students said that confidence affected their speaking performance. 70% of the teachers thought that confidence to perform well affected their students’ speaking performance. Students often say, “I cannot speak, because I’m afraid I will make mistakes”. Thus, students become shy and afraid to speak because of the fear of making a mistake. The focus of learning English should be on effective communication, not perfect grammar.” (Asian Journal of Educational Research, 2015)

Think positive and believe in yourself.  Imagine speaking English with effective communication.  Improve your English speaking skills and be confident as you become closer to speaking fluent English.  Get motivated and start moving towards your goal.

Like learning any skill, practice is required, and mistakes are learning experiences.

You need to start thinking in English.  Having your brain do translations causes confusion and stress. Many English words, phrases, and thoughts are difficult, if not impossible, to translate. Make your English speaking easier and more effective by focusing on communication, not grammar.

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