English Pronunciation ( English Sounds )

English Pronunciation ( English Sounds )

Pronunciation is the making of different sounds when speaking English. To be clearly understood, good pronunciation is required for verbal communication. When speaking, good grammar and other language skills can be irrelevant and useless with poor pronunciation. 

The problem is teaching pronunciation is very difficult and requires a physical action by the students. Pronunciation involves not just memorizing rules or knowing information, it is also a physical skill requiring action, similar to playing a sport or musical instrument. Students need to be motivated to practice their pronunciation.

English pronunciation has many exceptions to the rules. Some languages have one letter for every sound. Unfortunately, English is not one of these languages. For example, the 5 English vowels have over 20 sounds. Pronunciation rules are used but exceptions can be a problem.

How to improve your English pronunciation?

  1. LISTEN to native speakers pronounce words and phrases.
  2. Learn to speak English with clear pronunciation. 
  3. Learn the stress of new words
  4. Learn the importance of syllables.
  5. Practice the sounds you find difficult.
  6. Practice speaking loud and clear.
  7. Record and check your English pronunciation
  8. Take Kevin’s Pronunciation English Class



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