10 FAQs

  • What is the difference between a class, a lesson, and a course?

    A class is when the student learns in a group with other students.

    A lesson is normally 2 hours and teaches a specific topic.

    A course is a group of multiple lessons.

  • What is SELF-STUDY?

    Self-study is when the student will learn without help from a teacher.  Some students prefer this method because of the flexible time.

  • Are teachers and tutors available?

    Yes.  Contact us for details. Tutor prices can vary between $10 -$50 an hour.  The cost depends on the lesson, teacher, and available time.

  • Does my English need to be a certain level?

    Some lessons require a minimum English level.  We feel it is important for the student to understand the lesson.  If the lesson is too advanced, the student will not fully benefit and will have a difficult time.  We like our students to learn at a comfortable level.  If the student does not meet the required level, we will recommend ways for the student to get to that level.

    It is your responsibility to check your English before purchasing a class, course or lesson.  We can give you a test to check your level but it is your decision to decide if you feel comfortable.



  • Is my internet fast enough?

    Sometimes, a fast internet connection is needed.  Class, games, and videos require a faster internet connection.  The website has many resources for slower internet connections such as documents and e-books.

  • What if I lose the internet connection during a lesson?

    Internet problems can happen to everyone.  It is important to have a good internet connection.  If there is an internet connection problem during a lesson,  the student and teacher must reschedule the lesson.  The class, lesson, or course may be cancelled if this is a common problem.

  • What about books?

    We normally use our books and materials.  Our English system is different.  We do not use the traditional teaching methods or the common English books.  Most of our lessons are interactive with a focus on speaking.  Our books are included in the cost of the lesson.  We wrote the books and the books are only available from us.   Grammar books are an exception.   Our books and materials are copyrighted.

  • Is the online payment safe?

    Yes.  We have a SSL secure website.  All transactions are processed through a secure process.  For extra protection, we do not save any credit card or billing information.   If you would like, you can save your billing address but we will not save your account or credit card numbers.  You will need to re-enter your account / credit card number for future purchases.

    Some methods of payment require processing through third parties.  SEG is not responsible for the terms and conditions of the third parties.  Example: paypal transactions are processed by the paypal corporation.  SEG is not responsible for paypal or other third party processing businesses.

    We also provide an ewallet account.  If you choose, you can purchase credit for your ewallet to avoid multiple small purchases.

  • Website Registration / Password

    Registration requires a valid email address, name and password.  We do not sell or give your information to any third parties.

    Your password is not known by Speak English Group (SEG). You are responsible for your password.  If you forget your password, you can change or reset it.  You are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of your password by any third party.

  • What happens if there is a cancellation or a schedule change?

    For any cancellations, students and teachers should be notified 24 hours before a lesson, class or course.  Failure to give 24 hour advance notification for a cancellation, can result in a financial loss of the service.

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