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Our goal is to provide ALL the resources to improve active English conversation skills.  We provide online solutions to learn to speak English.

 We decided to build a different type of website with a focus on speaking, not grammar.  The focus is to solve English speaking problems for students with grammar knowledge. Solutions include more speaking interaction by using activities, games, conversations and real life communication to improve English speaking skills.    

 Most of our resources are FREE and provided by native speakers.  If interested, English lessons, tutors and classes are available online for a fee to help you learn English speaking from native speakers.  Speak English Group’s  FREE resources are available for everyone to enjoy. 



International Education Journal, 2005, 6(5), 567-580. ISSN 1443-1475 © 2005 Shannon Research Press. Erlenawati Sawir Education Faculty, Monash University, Australia

In the typical school lessons on English, teachers explained the grammatical rules, students did the exercises set out in the text books, and classroom interactions were largely one-way. Oral communication skills such as speaking and listening were almost totally ignored. Students rarely had the chance to use English in conversation in the classroom, and were under no pressure to become competent in this.” (International Education Journal, 2005)



We do require a login for access to most information. We do this to help protect the website and our visitors.  To register is easy and FREE.  We only require an email address.   

It’s  FREE  to JOIN!

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