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January 2017 is the beginning of a new year and the Speaking English Group.  Our website is a  social place for practicing your English speaking skills with friends from all around the world. Many resources are available and lots more will be added in the future.  

 Our goal is to help people improve their oral English speaking skills.  We want to provide good solutions for English speaking problems.  



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 Speak English Group’s

ACTIVE  ENGLISH  METHOD                      

Our English teaching method is different than the traditional methods.  We prefer to use exercises, activities, games, and interactive practice when teaching English.  By using real situations,  students improve faster and learning is more exciting.             

                     Research says …. 

                    KNOWLEDGE   /    TEACHING
                      RETENTION           METHOD   

                                5%    Lecture  (see / hear)
                              10%    Reading
                              20%    Audio / Video Aids
                              30%    Demonstration
                              50%    Discussion
                              75%     Practice 
                              90%    Teaching Others
                              95%    Use in Real Situations 

Research shows we learn more from real situations (95%) than lectures (5%).   Learning from real situations is easier, faster, and more effective.  Notice the best 4 methods are: use in real situations, teaching, practice, and discussions.  Learning English is NO EXCEPTION!  The best way to learn English is to use it in real situations and practice.  We are here to give you effective tools to do this.


International Education Journal, 2005, 6(5), 567-580. ISSN 1443-1475 © 2005 Shannon Research Press. Erlenawati Sawir Education Faculty, Monash University, Australia

In the typical school lessons on English, teachers explained the grammatical rules, students did the exercises set out in the text books, and classroom interactions were largely one-way. Oral communication skills such as speaking and listening were almost totally ignored. Students rarely had the chance to use English in conversation in the classroom, and were under no pressure to become competent in this.” (International Education Journal, 2005)



We  will continue to grow our website and add more resources.  If you experience any problems or find any errors, please contact us.  We will try and resolve it as soon as possible. 

It’s  FREE  to JOIN!



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