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Can you imagine your English speaking problems solved? 

Can you imagine verbal English communication like a native English speaker?

You can fluently speak native English with advanced English speaking skills! 

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There are currently an estimated 2 billion English learners in the world.  In many countries, schools now require English classes. However, after years of studying English, students still have difficulty speaking English.

Speak English Group will help you improve your English speaking. When speaking, proper grammar can be useless if your English speaking skills is a problem.  Speak English group focuses on verbal English speaking problems and advanced English speaking skills.  It is time to try something different because the current oral English methods are not effectively working.

You can learn English from a book, but can you use the knowledge in the real world?

Many students will learn English but will still have English speaking problems when using their oral English knowledge in the real world. Verbal English requires more than English grammar or memorizing rules because it is a physical skill requiring action.

Why is speaking a common English problem for students around the world?

Research shows the English problems are similar for ESL (English as a second language) students from all countries. Students will take grammar courses for years, but they still feel uncomfortable with oral English and English speaking skills.

In the typical school lessons on English, teachers explained the grammatical rules, students did the exercises set out in the textbooks, and classroom interactions were largely one-way. Oral communication skills, such as speaking and listening are almost totally ignored. Students rarely had the chance to use English in conversation in the classroom, and were under no pressure to become competent in this.(International Education Journal, 2005)

The main objective of learning English is communication. Verbal English communication is often more common than written English communication.  Advanced speaking skills determine the success of fluent English speaking.

It is possible! You can do it!  Learning advanced English speaking skills is easy with the correct resources.

Free Self Study English –  English Video Lessonsimprove english

Improve your English speaking skills with our FREE English Video Lessons!

Speak English Group offers you Free English videos on English speaking lessons often not taught in English classes. The focus is on solutions to your English speaking problems.  These lessons are for intermediate to fluent English levels.  For more information …

English Intonation – The Secrets and Shortcuts to Speak Fluent English

If verbal English communication is important to you,  knowing intonation is essential. Intonation has many benefits.  Learn to speak fluent English by learning the secrets and shortcuts not taught in normal English lessons. Native English speakers will understand perfect pronunciation and good grammar, but the English will not sound natural.  To speak like a native speaker requires intonation.  For more information …

English Events Calendar

Speak English calendar with “LIVE” interactive English practice, events, and lessons.


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