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Speak English Group provides resources for you to improve English speaking.  Our method of how to improve English speaking skills solves oral English problems.  Therefore, the focus is on fast and effective English solutions to speak English in real world environments.


Speaking English Problems?  You Are Not Alone

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There are currently an estimated 1.2 billion English learners in the world, and in many countries, English as a second language is now required in school. However after years of studying English, students still have speaking English problems. Research show the same English speaking problem for ESL (English second language) students from all countries. Students will take grammar courses for years, but they still feel uncomfortable.

There is little doubt about teachers’ awareness of the importance of speaking skills, there is also even less doubt about students’ need for more speaking improvement. As a result, most students agree speaking is a priority, and their biggest problem.  For more information …

English Solutions: English Courses, Self Study and English Eventsimprove english

Improve your English speaking skills with our Web Active English method!

Web Active English prefers to use interactive exercises, activities, games, and discussions to improve English verbal communication. By using real situations, students learn English fast. Also, the focus is on adults (18+ years old) with an immediate need to improve their English fast and speak English in real world communication.  For more information …

FREE  English Resources

english resourcesWe do prefer to focus on English speaking skills, however, we have free English resources to help you learn English speaking, reading, writing, listening skills.  Most of our resources are FREE.   Unfortunately, we can not provide free tutors or classes.  However, if you are interested in English tutors or classes, you can contact us or visit our services and products area.   For more information …

Learn to Listenenglish problems 1

Before we learn grammar, reading, writing or speaking, we learn our native language by listening. Therefore, it is natural for us to learn a language from listening. When we are born, the first communication skill we learn is listening.

However, research show English listening and speaking skills are the biggest problems for most ESL students. Oral communication requires you to listen to English. Therefore, good English listening skills will improve your natural English pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking.  For more information …

English Events Calendar

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An English calendar with interactive English events!

Web Active English is our website for people interested in interactive English events.  Both websites work together. If you are interested in online English speaking events, you can visit the Web Active English calendar.

For more information …

english practice learn speak englishEnglish Practice Can be Fun 

You have worked hard to learn English, and you can practice English and improve with fun activities. Therefore, find fun activities which you enjoy. There are many activities to choose, so find one that is fun and also practice

English at the same time.  For more information …

Pronunciation Solutions

English solutionsTo be clearly understood, good pronunciation is required for verbal communication. When you speak English, good grammar and other language skills can be irrelevant and useless with poor pronunciation. Most students say improving pronunciation is a priority and they need more help.  As a result, we provide resources, activities and effective lessons.    For more information …


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