English Speaking Practice

The key to fluent English is English speaking practice. 

English practice needs to include using correct English speaking skills for real-life situations.  If learners practice using poor English speaking skills, then it can cause more English problems and bad habits.  You need to practice using verbal English communication.  Learning English speaking skills is easy; however, using what you learn is the hardest part.

speak english


How to practice and improve your English speaking skills?

Improve your English speaking skills

  • Speak English daily.
  • Don’t rush. Speak slowly and clearly with a focus on verbal English communication.
  • Learn and use the English Speaking Rules.
  • Learn and use English intonation.
  • LISTEN to native speakers pronounce words and phrases.
  • Use full sentences, not just words or phrases.
  • Do not worry about a native English accent.
  • If you do not understand, ASK.
  • Practice in the real world outside of a classroom
  • Practice, Practice, Practice



     Practice your English speaking skills

  • Use English to learn about something you enjoy.
  • Play games using English speaking skills.
  • Practice verbal English communication with group activities
  • Watch movies and television
  • LISTEN to music
  • Use the internet in English to find people partners
  • Find groups, clubs, and organizations
  • Listen to English communication as often as possible
  • Speak English using good English speaking skills

Many activities involve verbal English communication, and English practice can be fun.


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