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Good news, you can improve your English vocabulary without help from other people. Vocabulary is a key part of your English; find a way to improve your English vocabulary that is easy and fun for you. Learning vocabulary is an ongoing process so try to make it exciting. If you study and learn the unknown words when reading, writing, speaking and listening, your vocabulary will grow.

Use Flashcards – The objective is to memorize and match the English word with the translated word in your native language. One side of the paper has the English word and the other side has the word in your native language. You can practice by looking at the English word and try to remember the word in your native language. You can easily check your answer by looking at the other side. Flashcards are common in early English classes but this method can also be used with more advanced words.

My Translator Method – I call it the “translator method”. When I travel, I often need a translator. I started to notice that their English would improve as they translated more conversations. The ability to translate can be difficult but it is very effective for improving English skills. Translators must listen to one language and think quickly about translating to another language. When you are listening or speaking your native language, think about the English translation. Can you translate your conversations? Study the English words and phrases that are difficult in your conversations. This is a good method for learning common vocabulary in normal conversations. When the time comes to speak, you will be ready.

Read in English. When you read, you should learn new words and improve your vocabulary. Research show that people who read more have higher vocabulary levels than those who read less. This is also true for native English speakers. Practice your English by reading books, e-books, online news, articles, or any other sources. While reading in English, if you do not understand a word or phrase, you can search online or in a dictionary. It is effective for improving your vocabulary and English skills.

Watch movies, television, and videos in English. It can be very difficult to watch these in English without subtitles. You can start by watching with English subtitles to help with the translation, but you need to learn the words and phrases that you do not understand. It becomes easier with practice. This will be the topic of Lesson #17.

Online Vocabulary Lists – Many English vocabulary lists can be found online. You can search for lists of the most common English words or specific topics for your hobbies, interests, or work.

IMPORTANT FACT: As you learn new words, you must practice using them or you will forget!  Try different ways to practice your English vocabulary. Find a method to improve your vocabulary that you enjoy.

English Vocabulary Lists and Documents

English Vocabulary Lists

Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes


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