Self Study English Lessons – Free English Videos

Self Study English Lessons – Free English Videos

Speak English Group is helping you with Free English videos.  These English videos are providing  Self Study English speaking lessons, which are often not taught in English classes. The focus is on solutions to common English speaking problems.  These lessons are NOT your basic grammar lessons and are for intermediate to fluent English levels.

These Self Study English speaking lessons focus on English speaking skills and are effective, easy English speaking solutions.   If you need help with grammar and basic English pronunciation,  many other resources are available.  If you are confused or don’t understand the importance, you probably are not ready for these Self Study English speaking lessons. 


Free Self study English Lesson – Common English Pronunciation Mistakes

These free English videos focus on common English pronunciation mistakes.  The English solutions are easy but are common English problems for native English and non-native English speakers. 

Free Self study English Lesson – Essential  Advanced English  Pronunciation

There are many resources for learning basic English pronunciation, but some essential advanced English pronunciation lessons are not normally taught.  English speaking is one of the most common problems because teaching advanced English pronunciation is not common. 


These free videos include some necessary English pronunciation lessons which every English student should know.


Free Self study English Lesson – Speak English Lessons

To speak English effectively, important key information is required.   Knowing the correct techniques for speaking English can have great effects on your English speaking skills.  The following videos are free self study English lessons to help and guide you in improving your English speaking.  




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