Reading Exercise – Idioms #2

A Night on the Town

My good friend Kevin came to visit last week, so some friends and I decided to paint the town. To us, that means going to our favorite watering hole to knock one back before we move on to a square meal. Well, let’s be honest, not a square meal, but a feast. We called a taxi, jumped in and raced off to quaff a brew or two. Kevin ordered whiskey on the rocks and some snacks to scarf down as we were began our evening on the town. We had a great time, telling jokes, remembering old times and continuing to drink. Before long, we were feeling no pain.

In fact, we had already tied one on before we even got to the restaurant. That was OK, we were out having fun.

We got to one of our favorite restaurants, and ordered up some steaks. When the steaks came out they were done to a turn. We happily chowed down on our tasty steaks. Still, we were hungry and we decided to order some more food. We continued to pork out and quaff the brews. Soon, it was clear that one or more of us would be praying to the porcelain god before long if we didn’t stop drinking. My friend went outside to smoke a cancer stick, and I followed to get some fresh air. I’m glad I did. I managed to eat up a few more scraps of food, but I was feeling better. I stopped drinking, but it was clear that Kevin had had one too many. We called for a taxi, and, somehow, managed to make it home and fall into bed. The next morning we woke with quite a hangover.

I guess the lesson of this story is to enjoy yourself when you go out on the town, but don’t overdo it. Quaffing a brew or two with a good friend over a square meal is a lot of fun. However, porking out, throwing three or four back and tying one on can lead to some real trouble!

Idiom Definitions

cancer stick = cigarette
chow down = to eat a meal
done to a turn = cooked perfectly
eat up = phrase used to encourage people to eat and enjoy their food
feeling no pain = to be drunk
knock one back = to have a drink
one too many = too much to drink
on the rocks = with ice-cubes
paint the town = to go out and have fun by going to clubs, drinking and having a good meal, etc.
pork out = to eat too much
pray to the porcelain god = to throw up into the toilet
quaff a brew = to drink a beer
scarf something down = eat quickly
square meal = a complete, satisfying meal
tie one on = to get drunk
watering hole = bar, pub



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