patch up

fix or repair something (sometimes temporary fix)

We tried to patch up the hole until we could buy another one.




pass up

decline or not accept an invitation

We ate do much food so we passed up dessert.



pass out

to give to everyone / lose consciousness

We passed out candy to the children.





pass off

make something fake appear to be real

He tried to pass off the designer watch to scam the customer.



pass back

return something

Can you pass back the bread so I can have more?


pass by

move quickly by something / miss an opportunity

I passed by the ice cream store because I was on a diet.



pass away

to die

My grandmother passed away 10 years ago.




pass around

move it around to everyone

Take one of the papers and pass it around to everyone.





part with

give something away but prefer not to do it.

I had to part with my bed when I moved to another city.




pack in

fill to the maximum limit / stop doing something

We need to pack in the small car.