whisk away (off)

to quickly take somebody away to another place 

Her husband will whisk her away after the wedding.

win over

get support or convince someone

I hope to win over my boss with my idea.

wise up

to become smarter

Everyone should wise up about phrasal verbs.

wrap up

to finish / to cover

Let’s wrap up this meeting.

write off

to deduct the total expense of a loss

We will write off the cost of the broken computer.

yield to

to surrender / to give preference 

We should respect and yield to the elderly.

zoom out

to adjust the view to be further away

We must zoom out to get the entire picture.

zoom off

to move rapidly

He zoomed off after the thief.

zoom in

to adjust the view to be closer

We zoomed in on the butterfly.


zip it (up)

stay quiet

She needs to zip up about the surprise party.