Husband’s Lesson

A lady was walking down the street when she was a approached by a lady beggar asking for money. The lady took a $20 bill out of her purse, and asked “if I give you this money will you spend it on chocolate.” “Don’t be ridiculous” the beggar replied “does it look like I have nothing better to spend money on?” “How about shopping?” she asked. “No,” the beggar said, “don’t you understand I need money just to stay alive.” “Will you spend it on your hair?” the lady asked. The beggar replied, “No, I just need money for food, and shelter. “In that case” the lady said “I don’t want to just give you money I would like you to eat out with me and my husband tonight.” “Why?” The beggar asked. “Well,”the lady said “I think it’s important for him to see what a lady looks like after she gives up chocolate, shopping, and hair appointments.”


  1. What does “don’t be ridiculous” mean?
  2.  What does “eat out” mean?
  3.  What does she mean by “gives up chocolate, shopping, and hair appointments.”


  1. unbelievably crazy
  2. go outside of the home and eat
  3.  “gives up” means no longer has it or be without
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